ComicsPRO, the organization of comics retailers, elected a new board at its 2024 meeting. Joe Murray of Captain Blue Hen Comics in Newark, Delaware, is the new President of the Board; former President Jenn Haines of The Dragon Comics in Guelph, Ontario, announced that she is stepping down from that position after three years but will continue to be active as Vice President and Outreach Director. Siena Fallon of Ultimate Comics in Raleigh, North Carolina, was elected to the board, replacing Tim Stolzfus, of More Fun Comics and Games in Denton, Texas, who is moving on after six years in his seat. Katie Pryde of Books With Pictures in Portland, Oregon, was re-elected to the board. The other board members are Eitan Manhoff (Cape and Cowl Comics, Oakland, California), Moryha Banks (Samurai Comics, Phoenix, Arizona), and Marc Bowker (Alter Ego Comics, Lima, Ohio).

Murray announced the titles and responsibilities of the new board:

  • Outreach Director - Jenn Haines
  • Promotions Director- Eitan Manhoff
  • Education Director- Siena Fallon
  • Membership Director- Moryha Banks
  • Special Projects Director- Katie Pryde
  • Programs & Events Director- Marc Bowker

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