Games from German publisher Spielworxx GmbH now have a new path to market in North America; Capstone and Spielworxx have reached an agreement for Capstone to release all of the publisher’s heavy Euro games in this market, the companies announced.

Spielworxx games have previously come to North America through a variety of publishers, including Capstone, which released Arkwright as its first title, and Tasty Minstrel Games; Stronghold released a number of Spielworxx titles over the years, for example Captains of the Gulf 2E in 2021 (see “’Captains of the Gulf’”).

The new relationship will begin with three games planned for release in the coming months: Raising Chicago, designed by Matt Wolfe, #2 in the Urban Evolution series; Epos: A Gentes Game, designed by Stefan Risthaus; and Dolcissima Vita, designed by Giansiome Migoni, #1 in the new Italian Trilogy.

“When I started Capstone, our focus was on heavy strategy games and the rich gameplay they provide,” Capstone President Clay Ross said of the new partnership.  “Now, with our partnership with Spielworxx, we are able to offer even more games that fit this playstyle, true to the original foundations of Capstone.”

Click Gallery below for full-size pics of the three Spielworxx games coming from Capstone.