Marvel Comics is expanding the incorporation of Disney characters into its comics, portraying Donald Duck as Wolverine in a new What If…? one-shot.  In What If…? Donald Duck Became Wolverine?  The story brings Donald as Wolverine and other Disney-Marvel mashups into a storyline based on Old Man Logan, plus Donald-Wolverine with Weapon X and the Uncanny X-Men.  Other mashup characters include Pete-Skull, Mickey-Hawkeye, and Goofy-Hulk, all operating in a near future super-hero-less wasteland.

The story is written by Luca Barbieri, with art and cover by Giada Perissinotto, and variant coers by Ron Lim, Peach Momoko, and Phil Noto.

What If…? Donald Duck Became Wolverine? will be released on July 31.

This follows a Marvel Uncle Scrooge release (see "Jason Aaron to Pen Marvel’s ‘Uncle Scrooge’"), and variant covers featuring Disney characters (see "Disney ‘What If…?’ Variant Covers").

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