Wizards of the Coast and Digital Gaming President Cynthia Williams has informed parent company Hasbro of her intention to resign from her position before the end of the month, the company said in an SEC filing.  She informed Hasbro of her plans on April 15, and the resignation will be effective on April 26, an 11-day notice. 

Williams has been in her position a little over two years; she took over on February 25, 2022, as previous WotC President Chis Cocks ascended to the Hasbro CEO role (see “New CEO for WotC”). She came to Wizards of the Coast from Microsoft, where she had been General Manager & Vice President of the Gaming Ecosystem Commercial Team. 

Her tenure was marked by record sales and controversy, most notably with the botched handling of revisions to WotC’s Open Gaming License for Dungeons & Dragons (see “WotC Folds”). In 2024, Wizards of the Coast faces tough comparisons to 2023, and ongoing concerns about Magic: The Gathering over-production and SKU proliferation (which Hasbro CEO Cocks addressed in a recent interview, see “Cocks Interview”).

Hasbro is undertaking a search for a successor, with both internal and external candidates, the company said in the filing.