Paizo has announced War of Immortals, a Pathfinder RPG “meta-event” that ties together rulebooks, setting, adventures, and fiction around a single storyline that includes the death of a core deity, Gorum, God of War.

Pathfinder War of Immortals is a 240-page hardcover rulebook, which will introduce mythic rules and two new classes, the animist and exemplar, to Pathfinder Second Edition.  The storyline explores the death of Gorum and the Godsrain, a shower of his blood, shattered armor, and divine essence that falls on Golarion and every world where he was worshipped, leaving war and mythic power behind.  The volume will be released in October in the regular hardcover edition ($67.49), retailer-exclusive sketch variant, Special Edition ($87.49), and a forthcoming pocket edition.

Pathfinder Lost Omens: Divine Mysteries is a hardcover setting book, the new guide to all things holy (and unholy) in Golarion.  It remasters current Pathfinder deities in the setting, as well as introducing new gods Aleph, god of darkness, and Nin, god of vampires.  Player options for the new divine landscape are introduced, including the Rivethun Emissary and Palatine Detective.  Pathfinder Lost Omens: Divine Mysteries will be released in November 2024 at $79.99 MSRP.

Pathfinder Adventure: Prey for Death is a standalone adventure in a new format, a 128-page hardcover.  In this adventure for 14th level characters, written by Vanessa Hoskins, players take on the role of Red Mantis assassins, who are members of the guild and cult of Achaekek, the mantis god.  Release is planned for Gen Con, at $44.99 MSRP.

Pathfinder Adventure Path: Curtain Call, the 40th Pathfinder Adventure Path, can be played after any previous campaign.  In it, characters from the 11th to 20th level work to produce an opera based on past exploits, with a storyline that shows the Godsarin and its impact on Golarian.  The three $29.99 volumes, planned for release monthly beginning at Gen Con, are  Pathfinder Adventure Path #204: Stage Fright, Pathfinder Adventure Path #205: Singer, Stalker, Skinsaw Man, and Pathfinder Adventure Path #206: Bring the House Down.

Pathfinder Adventure Path: Triumph of the Tusk is for 3rd to 11th level characters.  Players will fight alongside the orcs of Belzen in a global conflict, with impacts, some fatal, on gods beyond Gorum.  Three monthly volumes at $29.99 will kick off with the first, Pathfinder Adventure Path #207: The Resurrection Flood, in October.

Pathfinder: Godsrain, a hardcover novel by Liane Merciel, will follow the wizard Ezren, the barbarian Amiri, the cleric Kyra, and her wife, the rogue Merisiel, as they see the effect of the Godsrain and the mythic power it ordains.  The jacket is illustrated by Mirco Paganessi.  MSRP is $29.99; release is November 2024.

Paizo also announced that it is kicking off a playtest on April 29 for two new classes, the guardian and the commander, which will be featured in a rulebook planned for 2025 release.

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