Bandai will release a new Digimon Card Game booster that includes cards from one and half sets, with upgraded box toppers and the brand’s first ever autograph card.  Digimon Card Game: Special Booster Version 2, planned for release November 1, will include 150 cards from what would have been set BT18 and the first half of BT19. The sets are being combined as Bandai moves to match release dates around the world.

Box toppers for this special booster set will be upgraded from one card per pack to two cards per pack, now including Tamer/Digimon cards, and a new bonus Lucky Pack in 22 varieties will also be included as a box topper.

Digimon Card Game: Special Booster Version 2 will feature the first ever Digimon autograph card, with the signature of Digimon character designer Kenji Watanabe included at a low pull rate.

The set will feature Digimon and Tamers from the 2002-2003 anime series Digimon Frontier and Digimon from the Digimon Xros Wars manga.

Bandai will release Digimon Card Game: Secret Crisis in August (see “New ‘Digimon Card Game’ Booster”)