BOOM! Studios will release a restored version of the original 2003 Marvel Comics adaptation of the Dark Crystal movie as an Archive Edition under its Archaia imprint.  The three-issue series is written by David Anthony Kraft, with art by Bret Blevins and Vince Colletta.  Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal Archive Edition #1 will launch July 3, with two covers: the original, and a variant by Frany.

Archaia began its relationship with the Jim Henson Company in 2009 (see “Archaia and Henson Forge Deal”) and merged with BOOM! Studios in 2013 (see “BOOM!, Archaia Merge”).  BOOM! launched a sequel to the film under the Archaia imprint in 2016 (see “Sequel to ‘Dark Crystal’”).  BOOM! dropped the first issue of an Archive Edition of Jim Henson’s Labyrinth this month.