Dynamite Entertainment has announced the details of its new Powerpuff Girls series, which will launch in July during Comic-Con International in San Diego.  The creative team will be Birds of Prey writer Kelly Thompson, who won a 2021 Eisner Award for Black Widow, and Zodiac Starforce artist Paulina Ganucheau, whose “Adventures of Young Diana” features from Wonder Woman are being collected into a graphic novel (see "DC YA Graphic Novels").  Like the show, the comic will be pitched at all ages, with straightforward fun for young readers and a witty, self-aware tone that adults will appreciate.  Each issue will be self-contained, and the first one will be released in July 2024 with a main cover by Ganucheau and variants by Leonardo Romero, Karen S. Darboe, and Nicoletta Baldari.

The Powerpuff Girls animated series launched in 1998 on Cartoon Network, and both creators have fond memories of it.  “I have to say, I am a very big fan of The Powerpuff Girls," Thompson said in a statement accompanying the announcement.  "So much so that when I was young — just out of art school — I even wrote a few short stories and began to storyboard them in hopes I could get a job on the show!”

“I grew up obsessed with them,” Ganucheau added.  “Had my own PPG OC and everything.  I was on a Powerpuff Girls oekaki board way back in the day where all we did was draw in that style.”

IDW Publishing previously had the license for Powerpuff Girls comics, which it published from 2013 to 2017 (see “IDW Signs Deal with Cartoon Network”).  Dynamite acquired the license along with ThunderCats, Jonny Quest, and others in a deal with Warner Bros. last year (see “Dynamite to Publish Comics Tied to Warner Bros. Animated Series”).

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