Wizards of the Coast has announced that it will produce Magic: The Gathering promo cards based on the venerable Cowboy Bebop anime, beginning in August.  The cards will be traditional foil cards that can be used for winners of weekly Standard Showdown events at WPN stores; or, if the store receives extra promos, at the retailer’s discretion at Standard Showdown events throughout the corresponding set season, like the Omenpath Basic Lands. 

The first foil will be “Ossification,” arriving at stores with marketing materials for Magic: The Gathering – Bloomburrow, which releases on August 2 (see “’Bloomburrow’ Deets”), and is for use between August 2 and September 19.

“Disdainful Stroke” is for use between September 27 and November 7.

“Go for the Throat” will be used between November 15, 2024 and January 30, 2025.

“Lightning Strike” will be used between February 7 and March 2, 2025.

“Snakeskin Veil” is for use between April 4 and May 29, 2025.

The use of Cowboy Bebop cards as promo items for a TCG is part of the growing presence of anime properties in American TCGs (see “Anime-Based TCGs on the Rise”). UVS released Cowboy Bebop Challenger Series decks earlier this year (see “’UVS Cowboy Bebop’”).

Click Gallery below for Cowboy Bebop promo cards!