Worldwide sales by CMON Ltd. were roughly flat in 2023, at $45.1 million vs. $45.3 million in 2022, the company reported in its annual financial statements.  Profits were up 48%, from $510,101 in 2022 to $755,948 in 2023.

Roughly half (51%) of the company’s sales are in North America, with the rest divided between Europe (33%), Asia (14%), and Oceania.

Sales through Kickstarter made up 58% of the company’s sales, with sales through wholesalers at around 40% of sales.  Given that sales to wholesalers are at wholesale discount and sales through Kickstarter are at retail prices to the final consumer, well over half of the retail sales of the company’s sales flow through the trade.

The last time we checked in on CMON Ltd., in the depths of the pandemic in 2020, trading in the company’s stock had been suspended and release of financial results delayed due to an audit issue (see “CMON Chooses New Auditor“).  The problems were resolved and the company’s shares trade on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.