Edge Studio will launch a new Arkham Horror RPG with Starter Set – Hungering Abyss in August. The game is designed to be an introduction to roleplaying games, with a complete set of everything needed to play, a system that requires no previous knowledge of roleplaying or Arkham Horror, and a scenario divided into scenes that can be played in one to two hours each.   

The game is built on the Dynamic Pool System, which refers to the pool of six-sided dice that characters can spend to perform actions, including running, climbing, studying ancient tomes, and shooting eldritch abominations.  Spending dice can be done either by removing them from the pool or sometimes by rolling them.  Dice are replenished at the beginning of each turn (or each scene), or by choice by a character’s lasting injury. 

The Arkham Horror RPG – Starter Set – Hungering Abyss box includes Game Master’s Reference Board, Adventure Booklet (48 pages), 5 Character Portfolios, 24 Six-sided Dice (12 black and 12 green dice), 3 Double-Sided Poster Maps, 16 Non-Playable Character Profile Cards, 21 Item and Spell Cards, 3 Punchboards (puzzles and tokens), and several handouts (evidence pieces – journal, letters, etc.).

Release date is August 2, 2024; MSRP has not been announced.

Edge Studio released Tomb of Iuchiban, an Adventures in Rokugan RPG campaign book, last fall (see “New ‘L5R’ Adventures”).