Marvel continues to roll out new titles set in the post-Krakoa “From the Ashes” era (see “Marvel Brings Three More X-Men Ongoings ‘From the Ashes’”), with a X-Factor series coming in August 2024 and a new Wolverine solo series kicking off in September.

In X-Factor, by writer Mark Russell and artist Bob Quinn, the government brings the team back in response to the aftermath of the fall of Krakoa, with Angel and Havok heading up a lineup that includes Pyro, Frenzy, and Fera.  The first issue will go on sale on August 14 with a cover by Greg Land.

“The thing I've always loved about the X-Men is that they're characters first, super heroes second,” Russell said in a statement accompanying the announcement.  “So being able to write characters like Havok and Angel and Frenzy in a post-Krakoa reality is an opportunity to write about what I really care about, which is how do we help each other survive the apathy of the world we live in?”

The new Wolverine solo series by writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Martín Cóccolo finds Logan back in the Canadian wilderness as he returns to his roots after the fall of Krakoa.  His newfound peace doesn’t last long, with the emergence of an old foe and a new enemy who will test him to his limits.  The first issue will include the first appearance of an important new character and will be released on September 11 with a cover by Cóccolo.

“Logan is simultaneously a mythic hero, an abused animal, and a man of flesh, blood, and adamantium,” Ahmed said in the announcement.  “Our story is about what happens when these parts of him all pull in opposite directions – and threaten to rip Logan to pieces that won't come back together again.”