Kingswood Games launched their Warlord: Saga of the Storm CCG reboot onto to Kickstarter on May 6, 2024, and it stands fully-funded at over $250,000.

This project was originally announced at the end of April 2024 (see "'Warlord: Saga of the Storm' CCG Returns"), revealing basic details about the product line. In addition to the six ready-to-play starter decks and booster boxes, Kingswood added a Box of Greed, playmats, dice accessories, and Dragon Shield sleeves to their Kickstarter offerings. The Box of Greed includes over 50 cards reprinted from the earlier sets of Warlord CCG and is aimed at helping newer players get into their non-rotating Ancients format and their multiplayer Alliances format.

Kingswood also made a commitment to working only with human artists on this project. They released the following statement in their Kickstarter information:

We are grateful to have the pleasure of working exclusively with human artists including card game illustrators, comic book artists, RPG artists, storyboard artists, newcomers and many veterans who previously contributed to Warlord’s rich visual history. These illustration rock stars put the face on this incredible world and a sword in the hand of our favorite heroes. 

The art direction of Warlord illustrations is paintings by hand using traditional methods. The current visual style is late 90’s and early 2000’s high fantasy in line with the original publication of the game. Each artist has the freedom to create and sell merchandise using their Warlord images, so follow their socials or contact them if an art piece speaks to you.

The list of artists attached to this project includes longtime Magic: The Gathering artists Jason Engle, Steve Ellis, Jeff Miracola, and Jeff Menges.

This project sits at $288,760 with 641 backers (about $450 per backer). There is a Meet at the Inn retailer pledge level that allows retailers to get access to a separate pledge manager for wholesale prices.