WizKids will release a range of Magic: The Gathering 3” plush charms by Kidrobot, the company announced.  The charms will depict three companions from Magic: The Gathering Arena and one from the upcoming Bloomburrow TCG set.  The three companions from Arena are Fbithp, Rainbow Koi, and The Fisherman; the companion from Bloomburrow is Mabel.

Each charm will come with an Arena unlock code that gives a discount on the companion in the online game and unlocks a sleeve for the companion.

Release is planned for October 2024 at $11.99.

WizKids released Kidrobot Phunny Plush Magic: The Gathering planeswalkers back in 2020 (see “WizKids Unveils Huggable ‘M:tG’ Planeswalkers”).

Click Gallery below for charm images!