Avalon Hill will release a new 5th Edition of Talisman: The Magical Quest Board Game this summer.  This is a new publisher for the title, which in addition to its original publisher Games Workshop, has also been published by Fantasy Flight Games.  The most recent edition, 4th Edition, was first released by Games Workshop in 2007, and then in a Revised 4th Edition by Fantasy Flight in 2008 (see "Revised 4th Edition ‘Talisman Board Game’").  Games Workshop relaunched the Fantasy Flight Revised 4th Edition under its own brand in 2017 (see "GW’s ‘Talisman’ Returns").

Talisman: The Magical Quest Board Game 5th Edition will feature new artwork, redesigned figures, and revised rulebook with more streamlined and accessible gameplay for both newcomers and fans.  Players choose one of 12 detailed character figures, including a Prophetess, Wizard, and Thief, each with a matching card that reveals the character’s unique ability.  The board, which depicts the land of Talisman with three regions of locations, changes as players layer on Adventure cards.

The box includes: gameboard, 12 Character figures, 12 Character cards, 100 Adventure cards, 24 Spell cards, 18 Purchase cards, 4 Talisman cards, 1 Toad card, 6 Toad tokens, 114 counters, 38 Fate tokens, 12 Alignment tokens, 30 coins, 3 six-sided dice, and Rulebook.

Talisman: The Magical Quest Board Game 5th Edition is for 2-6 players ages 12 and up.  It will be released this summer at $59.99 MSRP.

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