Adam's Media will release Dungeonmeister: The Deck of Many Drinks, an RPG cocktail recipe deck, into retail on May 28, 2024.

This new deck allows RPG fans to add a little mixology to their tabletop experience.  The Deck of Many Drinks, by Jef Aldrich and Jon Taylor, includes 50 RPG-inspired cocktails, each which is paired with a 5E compatible in-game effect.  Players can tempt fate to by drawing a card at random to reveal their libation of the session and then reference the included booklet for the cocktail's recipe.  Examples of cocktails included in the book are tasty treats like citrus-flavored Giant Bee or smooth Turn Undead.

It will retail for $16.99.

Penguin Random House recently released D&D Heroes' Feast: Flavors of the Multiverse, a fantasy-themed cookbook, into retail (see " Cookbook Heads to Retail").