Stories of the last days of top Marvel characters, leading into the end of the Marvel universe, are collected in the upcoming Marvel: The End Omnibus, due out in January 2025.

Top writing talent on the book includes Peter David, Jim Starlin, Paul Jenkins, Chris Claremont, Alan Davis, Bob Layton, David Michelinie, Erik Larsen, Kelly Thompson, Joe Kelly, Leah Williams, Saladin Ahmed and Adam Warren. Pencillers were similarly illustrious, including Dale Keown, Jim Starlin, Claudio Castellini, Sean Chen, Alan Davis, Bernard Chang, Erik Larsen, Carmen Carnero, Mike Hawthorne, Filipe Andrade, Damion Scott and Jeffrey Cruz.

The comics in this collection, originally released through the early 00s, include Incredible Hulk: The End, Marvel Universe: The End #1-6, Wolverine: The End #1-6, X-Men: The End Book One #1-6, X-Men: The End Book Two #1-6, X-Men: The End Book Three #1-6, Fantastic Four: The End #1-6, Iron Man: The End, Captain America: The End, Captain Marvel: The End, Deadpool: The End, Doctor Strange: The End, Miles Morales: The End and Venom: The End.

Jim Starlin did the general release cover, and Claudio Castellini did the direct market exclusive cover.

The 1,168-page volume will release on January 8, 2025 at $125 MSRP.

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