Scorpion Masque announced Turbulence, a new expansion for Sky Team, which will hit stores in Q4 2024.

This expansion adds terrible weather conditions and technical incidents to the Spiel des Jahres nominated Sky Team base game (see "Spiel Des Jahres 2024 Nominees").  It will allow players to test their skills in 20 flight scenarios to cities like Beijing, Madrid, Warsaw, Sydney, Cape Town, Kiev, and Saint Martin, all while adding new challenges to the game.  The expansion introduces new rules for Turbulence, Low Visibility, and Alarms that will create a deeper Sky Team gameplay experience.

The expansion, plus the base game, supports two players, ages 12 and up, and plays in 20 minutes.  It will retail for $12.99.  This game will be released into the U.S. by Hachette Boardgames.