Renegade Game Studios announced a second wave of Heroscape releases, which will hit retail in October 2024.

The second wave adds two new army expansions and two terrain expansions.  The two army expansions, that each come in a standard edition (MSRP $45 each) and a premium painted edition, are Revna's Rebuke: Kyrie Warrior Army Expansion and Revna's Rebuke: Iron Lich Viscerot and Necrotech Wraithriders Army Expansion.  The Kyrie Warrior Army Expansion comes with five new Kyrie Warrior characters, and the Iron Lich Viscerot and Necrotech Wraithriders Army Expansion features four new miniatures.

The Lands of Vahalla Terrain Expansion (MSRP $70) has 63 terrain tiles, 24 of which are new sand terrain pieces.  Waters of Vahalla Terrain Expansion (MSRP $30) adds 35 water tiles to the mix.  This set contains Wellspring Water tiles as well as three brand-new hex water tiles.

For more information on Heroscape releases, check out ICv2's retailer resources calendar (see "'Heroscape' 2024 Product Release Calendar").

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