Wizards of the Coast revealed the Dungeons & Dragons 2024 lineup, which begins releasing in Fall 2024.  Some of these releases were teased back in February 2024 (see "2024-25 Deets and Dates").

On September 17, 2024, the first two products for D&D 2024 will hit FLGS shelves.  The 2024 Player's Handbook and the 2024 Character Sheets will be the first items out.  This now larger Player's Handbook has been expanded and revised based on 10 years worth of feedback from the D&D community.  It will contain rules for character creation and advancement, exploration, combat, equipment, and spells.  Players can use this book to create characters from 12 classes, 48 subclasses, and 10 species.

The book will also feature brand-new artwork, 400 spells, new Weapon Masteries, and a new tools and crafting system to make items while on an adventure.  It will come as a standard edition and an alternate-art cover. Alongside 2024 Player's Handbook, the 2024 Character Sheets pack will be released.  It includes 50 double-sided character sheets to use with a 5E D&D rulebook, which should last players through years worth of adventures.

On November 12, 2024, the 2024 Dungeon Master's Guide and 2024 Dungeon Master's Screen arrive.  The 2024 Dungeon Master's Guide contains the essential revised rules to running a game of D&D to pair with the 2024 Player's Handbook.  This book too, has been expanded to include new rules and tools, 15 reusable maps for adventures, and 300 new and improved treasures and magical items.

It also has rules for bastions, which are strongholds controlled by player characters, and a double-sided map of Eastern Oerik from the Greyhawk setting and on the other side, the city of Greyhawk.  This book will also have a standard cover and an alternate cover.  The 2024 Dungeon Master's Screen will release on the same day as the 2024 Dungeon Master's Guide.  This four-panel screen has also been revised and has at-a-glance reference material on one side and full-color art on the player facing side.

Last but not least, the 2024 Monster Manual will be released on February 5, 2025.  The book will have information on over 500 monsters, which include 75 brand-new monsters.  This book will also have 9 monsters for higher-level play, like an arch-hag and blob of annihilation, and variations on classic monsters like the owlbear and a vampire familiar.

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