Dark Horse Comics will launch Jupiter’s Legacy: Finale, a new five-issue series written by Mark Millar that wraps up Millar and Frank Quitely’s superhero story, which began in 2012 in a series by the pair.  This is the first title featuring the property from Dark Horse, which begins its new Millarworld line in July and continues with two launches in August (see "Two Millar Launches in August").

Jupiter’s Legacy: Finale is written by Millar with art by Tommy Lee Edwards.  In the story, the superheroes are being trapped and murdered on an alien world while the enemies of Earth launch their invasion.  Covers are by Tommy Lee Edwards (A cover), with variants by Frank Quitely, Julian Totino Tedesco, and Skottie Young.  Cover price: $4.99.

The most recent comics featuring the property were Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem, published by Image Comics in 2021 (see "‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ Sequel").  It was a sequel to the Jupiter’s Legacy TV series, which Netflix dropped that year to good response (see "’Jupiter’s Legacy’ Won Week").

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