KessCo announced Luffy's Bento Panic, a new One Piece party game, which will debut at Gen Con and release into retail in Q4 2024.

This game is first game released under Kess's new license with Toei Animation (see "Kess Licenses 'One Piece'").  In Luffy’s Bento Panic, players take on the roles of Straw Hat pirates vying to snap up a piece of Sanji’s delicious cooking.  They will sit around the table in circle formation and point to grab food cards.  Players can also steal food from other players or "eat" the food they grab to gain points.  Occasionally, Luffy shows up and devours extra food sitting at the table (cards players have not eaten).  The player that eats the most food wins the game.

This game is for three to nine players, ages 10 and up, and plays in 30-45 minutes.