Games Workshop has filed an application with the Nottingham City Council, in Nottingham, United Kingdom, for permission to expand its existing facility, according to documents available publicly.  The proposed new construction includes, "factory including extension to existing Tool Store, internal link connecting proposed factory and existing factory, private access road, car parking, employee external relax areas, landscaping and associated infrastructure."

The site is adjacent to Games Workshop’s existing facility.  To allow construction, a commercial vehicle sales building and another vacant building currently on the site will be demolished.  Parking currently on the site will be leased elsewhere to allow construction.

The total site in the new plan is 133,300 square feet (converted from square meters), with the new factory space planned for 43,850 square feet, and two floors of office space at 5179 square feet per level.

Expansion of Games Workshop manufacturing space will be welcomed, based on the frequent reports of slow or incomplete delivery of backlist orders we receive in our regular retailer and distributor interviews (see "Miniatures the Strongest Category in 2023").