Wizards of the Coast announced Arena Direct, a new event series that offers up physical Magic: The Gathering product as prizes for digital play.

MTG Arena appears to be seeking to attract some of the collectors of physical Magic: The Gathering cards to play on the online platform. Arena Direct is an expansion of an event that happened back in 2023, where players could compete on MTG Arena to snag extra Festival in a Box product left over from MagicCon Las Vegas (see "'Festival in a Box: Las Vegas 2023'"). The new sealed Best-of-One event series rewards players who accumulate six wins with a box of physical Magic cards.

The first two events in this series will happen on June 30, 2024 and July 14, 2024. Players that accumulate six wins in either of these events can claim a of Modern Horizons 3 Play Booster box as their prize. These boxes are only available while supplies last, and WotC may use its discretion to replace the box prize with a $250 cash prize (prizes are subject to taxation).