Wizards of the Coast has announced a point of purchase program that includes free display, signage, and giveaway items to promote the upcoming release of the new Dungeons & Dragons 2024 core rulebooks, scheduled to release this fall (see "’Dungeons & Dragons’ 2024 Lineup").

The display item is a metal counter display for three books, which will be available to retailers that order 30 of the 2024 D&D Player’s Handbook by August 19, 2024.

Other items free to retailers with purchase include a set of three double-sided hanging banners featuring alternate art and regular cover artwork for each core rulebook, free to retailers that order 20 of the 2024 D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide by October 14, 2024; and a massive monster standee of a signature D&D monster, free to retailers that order 20 of the 2024 D&D Monster Manual by January 6, 2025.

Free P.O.P. items tied to event scheduling include 1 poster with art from the 2024 D&D Player’s Handbook, and for retailers that schedule a D&D 50th Anniversary Play Series Event for the 2024 D&D Player’s Handbook by July 31 (see "D&D 50th Play Series"), 20 d20 with gold numbering and the D&D ampersand for players in the events or as a free-with-purchase item with any core rulebook; and 30 Dungeons & Dragons keychains as a free-with-purchase item for any of the core rulebooks.