G4/Tech TV's Anime Unleashed block is about to introduce another hot new anime series to a potentially huge audience.  Exposure on Anime Unleashed certainly helped propel Geneon Entertainment's Last Exile series into a Top Ten spot on Nielsen's VideoScan anime survey this summer, and it could do the same for Read or Die the TV, another Geneon release. 


The third volume in the R.O.D. the TV DVD series (out of a total of 7) is due out on October 26.  Meanwhile, starting at 12am on October 5 (ET) G4/Tech TV will present two episodes of Read or Die the TV back-to-back (and repeating them at 3am ET).


An offshoot of the extremely popular 3-episode OVA series Read or Die, R.O.D. the TV features three new protagonists, the sisters Anita, Maggie and Michelle.  Like the heroine of the original R.O.D. OVA, the sisters are superheroes with a 'twist' -- their powers lie in their ability to manipulate paper in all its forms.  This is not your same old superhero property -- it's got a unique twist and ingenuity about it that makes for some great viewing.