Although many studios release a film on video or DVD and then, at some later point, put out a second 'special edition' or 'director's cut' with extra footage or features, Warner Bros. is opting for a different strategy with The Matrix.  When The Matrix first appeared on DVD, it was a state-of-the-art production with all the bells and whistles that its high tech fans could want.  The Matrix was so successful on DVD that it just might be the best selling DVD of all time (see 'Early Bird Catches the Worm').  With the appearance of the second Matrix film delayed until 2003, Warner Bros. has decided to release a disk full of new behind-the-scenes Matrix features, but without the film itself.  The target audience is thus those hundreds of thousands of fans who have already purchased The Matrix DVD.


So on November 20, Warners will release The Matrix: Revisited, a single disk of related features that will retail for $19.99.  The disk includes never-before-seen footage from the original film, exclusive reactions of cast and crew, as well as an exciting look into the future of this franchise cyberthriller.  A special 'What is to Come?' feature on the making of Matrix 2 is balanced by an extended look at the work of fight choreographer Wu Ping and detailed examinations of 'The Bathroom Fight' and 'Wet Wall.' A music montage with more unseen footage from the original film is also included along with four Easter eggs.  A preview of the Matrix anime, the 'Animatrix' will be of extreme interest to many fans.