Bandai Entertainment has announced that it will seek to quash fansubs of the upcoming Ghost in the Shell feature, for which it has the U.S. rights (along with Manga Entertainment).  Ghost in the Shell:  Solid State Society is due for release on pay per view in Japan on September 1st, and on DVD there in November (see 'Bandai Gets 'Solid State Society'').


In the announcement, Bandai said that it will 'take all measures available to stop the illegal distribution of its titles...'  Bandai Entertainment president Ken Iyadomi said of the fansubbing practice (which makes translations available for illegally downloaded anime before they are released in the U.S.), 'Fansubs, even those not sold for profit, are harmful to our properties and industry overall and we will be watching closely to make sure our rights regarding SSS are not infringed.'


Fansubs available on the Internet have largely been ignored by U.S. anime producers, with some even feeling that fansubs increase interest in their properties. This move by Bandai marks a new, more aggressive stance, which is likely to be controversial in the otaku community.