The special effects laden comedy Night at the Museum topped the holiday weekend box office with an estimated total of $30.8 million.  The pricey laugher did well, but couldn't match the performance of another Jerry Stiller-headlining comedy feature, Meet the Fockers, which did better than $46 million over the Christmas weekend two years ago.


Last week's winner The Pursuit of Happyness slipped only 43.5% and finished in second, while the final Rocky film, Rocky Balboa, came in third (Playmates has just released a series of Rocky Action Figures).  The CIA drama, The Good Shepard, finished fourth drawing an older audience (73% over 30) that was primarily male (53%).


The dragon-riding fantasy film Eragon faded quickly in its second week dropping a whopping 69.2%.  The latest James Bond film, Casino Royale, dropped out of the top 10 for the first time in its 6th weekend.  It has earned more than $143 million domestically and has garnered more than $304 million internationally -- making this the highest-grossing Bond film of all time (not adjusted for inflation).


One new film of interest is the latest film from Zhang Yimou (Hero, House of Flying Daggers).  Curse of the Golden Flower averaged over $8,000 per theater in a limited release of just 60 theaters.