Knight Models will release the new Harry Potter Miniatures Game later this year. Several miniatures were on display at the GAMA Trade Show (see “Sneak Peek -- 'Harry Potter Miniatures Game'”), and now Golden Distribution has kindly shared more professionally painted prototype miniatures for franchise fans, including Harry Potter, Ron Weasley ,and Hermione Granger.

Knight Models describes dynamics for the game on their website: The Harry Potter Miniature Game is a tabletop game for two or more players, each taking control of a group of finely detailed miniatures, representing their faction, or group, of witches and wizards. The miniatures are, in essence, playing pieces, which you can assemble and paint – a hobby in itself! In the game, players must outmaneuver their opponents, make clever use of potions and enchanted items, and, of course, unleash a dizzying array of spells in order to achieve their goals and win the day!

Game miniatures will be provided unpainted.

Along with Harry, Ron, and Hermione, the preview includes different views of Severus Snape, Sirius Black, Bellatrix Lestrange, and two Death Eaters.