The Chancellor and the Citadel GN
Publisher: Iron Circus Comics
Release Date: December 4, 2018
Cover Price: $15.00
Writer/Artist/Cover: Maria Capelle Frantz
Format: 120 pgs., Full-Color, 6"x9", Trade Paperback
ISBN: 9-781-9458-2026-7
Rating: Middle Grade (8-12)

The world is over.  All that remains is the Citadel, and the Chancellor who protects it from the hostility beyond its walls.  But what can she do when a fearful and angry mob is convinced she brought the world to ruin in the first place, and are determined to make her pay for it by destroying the one bastion of hope the world has left?

In her dramatic, richly imagined graphic novel debut, cartoonist Maria Frantz has created a brisk fantasy tale about the fears that lead to war, and the bonds that can keep a stronghold standing against the darkness.

Description of preview: 8 total pages (Cover and 7 interior pages).