Marvel released covers, creative teams, and synopses for two Jonathan Hickman X-Men #1s, Loki #1, Punisher Kill Krew #1, Fantastic Four #12 and Guardians of the Galaxy #7, all shipping in July.

House of X #1 (Of 6)
Written by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Pepe Larraz
Cover by Pepe Larraz

"Face the Future."  Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman (Secret Wars, Avengers, Fantastic Four) takes the reins of the X-Men universe!  Since the release of Uncanny X-Men #1, there have been four seminal moments in the history of the X-Men.  Giant-Sized X-Men.  X-MenAge of Apocalypse.  New X-Men.  Four iconic series that introduced a new era for Marvel’s mutants and revolutionized the X-Men.  In House of X, Charles Xavier reveals his master plan for mutantkind… one that will bring mutants out of the shadow of mankind and into the light once more.

Powers of X #1 (Of 6)
Written by Jonathan Hickman
Art by R.B. Silva
Cover by R.B. Silva

"Fear the Future."  Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman (Infinity, New Avengers, Fantastic Four) continues his revolutionary new direction for the X-Men.  Intertwining with House of X, Powers of X reveals the secret past, present and future of mutantkind, changing the way you look at every X-Men story before and after. You do not want to miss the next seminal moment in the history of the X-Men!

Loki #1
Written by Daniel Kibblesmith
Art by Oscar Bazaldua
Cover by Ozgur Yildirim

Earth’s Mightiest Hero!  All-New ongoing series!  After dying a grisly death in The War of the Realms, Loki learned a valuable lesson in warmongering: Don’t get caught.  But now he has a whole new set of responsibilities — and his brother Thor is not about to let him walk away from them this time.  Late Show and Black Panther Vs. Deadpool writer Daniel Kibblesmith takes the god of mischief in a thrilling new direction!

Punisher Kill Krew #1 (Of 5)
Written by Gerry Duggan
Art by Juan Ferreyra
Cover by Tony Moore

One Man.  Ten Realms.  Total War.  During the War of the Realms, Frank Castle made a promise of vengeance, and Frank Castle keeps his promises.  A van full of orphans is about to make that promise a lot more complicated.  How does a man kill gods and monsters?

Guardians of the Galaxy #7
Written by Donny Cates
Art by Cory Smith
Cover by David Marquez

The death of Rocket begins here in "Faithless" Part 1.  In the aftermath of the Final Gauntlet, the Guardians of the Galaxy are taking some well deserved R&R.  But their vacation is about to be cut short when a familiar, but radically powerful enemy returns.  And what does all of this have to do with the whereabouts of a certain raccoon?

Fantastic Four #12
Written by Dan Slott
Art by Sean Izaakse
Cover by Esad Ribic

Ben and Alicia are off on their dream honeymoon in a remote tropical paradise... until someone decides to crash it.  Or should we say SMASH IT?!  Get ready for the biggest hulk vs. thing fight of the century!  PLUS: The saga of the Future Foundation by Jeremy Whitley and Wil Robson!

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