Chastity is back celebrating her 25th anniversary with an all new series coming from Dynamite Entertainment.  Written by Leah Williams (Gwenpool, Barbarella/Dejah Thoris) and drawn by Daniel Maine (Robyn Hood), the new series will make its debut in September.

In this all-new entry to the Chaos! universe, Chastity has been kidnapped while auditioning for a prestigious burlesque show.  She wakes up surrounded by other young women in chains on a spooky cruise ship.  Her captors have made a VERY grave mistake, and they will learn that through Chastity's grindhouse rampage to free herself and her fellow victims.

For this awaited return of Chastity in her own series, a handful of top tier artists will be contributing covers: Clayton Crain, Nick Bradshaw, Catherine Nodet, and David Nakayama.  Also, J. Scott Campbell is slated for a "Carve Out" variant cover.

Click on the Gallery below for full-sized images of the covers.