Wizards of the Coast revealed the contents of Commander Collection: Green, set of green-themed cards for Magic: The Gathering's Commander format. This set was originally slated to release in September (see "WotC Unveils Four New 'Commander' Products for 'Magic: The Gathering"), but the COVID-19 pandemic pushed it back to December 4 (see "Wizards of the Coast Announces Further 'Magic: The Gathering' Production Delay ").

The Commander Collection: Green features a selection of beloved staples for the popular Commander format. It is available in two versions, regular and the WPN Premium foil versions, and comes with eight cards. The cards included in the set are as follows:

  • Bane of Progress
  • Commander Tower
  • Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury
  • Omnath, Locus of Mana
  • Seedborn Muse
  • Sol Ring
  • Sylvan Library
  • Worldly Tutor

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