Publisher Description.  The Avengers gear up in all-new armor in Avengers Mech Strike.  Writer Jed MacKay and artist Carlos Magno take the Avengers into uncharted territory in a new comic book miniseries this February.

A brand-new enemy has emerged in the Marvel Universe and even Earth's Mightiest Heroes are no match against it.  But the Avengers aren't so easily beaten, and when new threats arise, powerful new tools must be brought to bear!  Suiting up in high-tech individualized armor, the Avengers stand ready for one of their greatest battles yet in the extraordinary new comic series, Avengers Mech Strike!

Written by Jed MacKay (Black Cat) with art by Carlos Magno (Fantastic Four, Empyre: Avengers), Avengers Mech Strike will kick off a bold new age of action-packed Avengers battles that will send shockwaves throughout the comic book industry and beyond!  Uniting against an unstoppable enemy, Avengers Mech Strike #1 is just the beginning of this epic story that will unfold throughout next year!

Avengers Mech Strike #1 (of 5)
Written by Jed Mackay
Art by Carlos Magno
Cover by Kei Zama

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