Publisher Description.  Coming in April, Gale Force Nine will release the latest wave of tanks for the World of Tanks: Miniatures Game.  The first three tanks include the M24 Chaffee, Crusader and T-70.  These new tanks can get to where you need them and support your entire platoon thanks to their Light Tank ability.  Rounding out the wave is the ever-popular Jagdpanzer 38T Hetzer, a pocket-sized Tank Destroyer that is ready to support any platoon.  MSRP: $13.00 ea.

Wave VI also sees the first new Equipment cards inspired by World of Tanks Equipment 2.0 updates.  These new cards will open up entirely new platoon building possibilities and perhaps bring older tanks back to the front lines.

Wave VI Tanks:

JAGDPANZER 38T (WOT43):  More commonly known as the Hetzer, this pocket-sized tank destroyer provides a low cost option for the points conscious commander.  If you have points to spare though then there are plenty of options to customize its performance on the battlefield. 

M24 CHAFFEE (WOT44):  The M24 Chaffee is a real speedster, combing high initiative and movement to find the perfect spot on the battlefield.  Combine this with the new Commanders Vision System and you can aid your allies by stripping away an enemies Cover for the rest of the phase.

T-70 (WOT45):  With over 8,000 tanks built during the war, the T-70 was the mainstay of Soviet light tank units.  Straight of the box it combines some fairly average stats, but with a little work the T-70 can shine in any situation with specific upgrades available for the gun and engine.

CRUSADER (WOT46):  Widely known for its performance in the deserts of North Africa the Crusader is perfect for high-speed attack runs on an unsuspecting enemy.  Combine its naturally high initiative with Improved Communications to give a boost to the entire platoon.

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