Publisher Description.  Who will bite it?  Starting this May, the Marvel Universe is caught in the fangs of Jed MacKay and Pepe Larraz’s Blood Hunt, and no hero is safe from the endless vampiric hordes!  In addition to the main event series and special limited series, the highly-anticipated crossover event will impact some of Marvel’s hottest ongoing series in thrilling ways, including the very series where the saga was seeded such as MacKay’s Moon Knight and Cody Ziglar’s Miles Morales: Spider-Man.

As eternal night washes over the world and vampires begin their savage reign, the frontlines of the conflict will be a certified bloodbath as heroes are transformed, old and new enemies rise, and dramatic betrayals keep readers guessing till the very end!  The desperate attempts to reverse Earth’s cruel fate will leave a lasting mark on the Marvel mythos as a whole so fans will want to devour every tie-in to witness each key development for themselves!

Today, grab a sneak peek at what’s to come in Blood Hunt’s second month with the reveal of new tie-in covers and story information!

Avengers #15
Written by Jed Mackay
Art by C.F. Villa
"A Bloody Brawl On A Vampire-Infested Helicarrier!" - Captain America’s ad hoc team of Avengers old and new must face a foe commanding an army of vampires… IN THE SKY!  With a group of decidedly earthbound heroes!  Don’t miss this action-packed, bloody tale of heroism and hemoglobin!

Doctor Strange #16
Written by Jed Mackay
Art by Pasqual Ferry
"Doctor Strange… The Vampire?!" - Earth’s mystic defender is off the board as the skies darken!  Can Wong and Clea save Stephen from himself?  Or… can they save themselves from him?

Fantastic Four #21
Written by Ryan North
Art by Ivan Fiorelli
"Formulating A Cure?" - Reed and Alicia are in New York for a day trip to an art museum, when suddenly the skies turn black with darkforce energy and vampires attack, everywhere, all at once!  It’s Reed Richards versus the world as he tries to save everyone he can – AND come up with a cure for vampirism!  But vampires are magic, illogical, impossible. Can Reed come up with a cure?  And even if he can’t, how is he going to keep all the survivors alive and safe?  And can Sue, Ben, and Johnny, all alone in Arizona, keep their families safe?  It’s a Blood Hunt tie-in you won’t want to miss as the Fantastic Four take on a world overrun with VAMPIRES!

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #21
Written by Cody Ziglar
Art by Travel Foreman
"The Endless Night!" - Endless hordes of bloodsucking vampires ravage the Earth beneath pitch-black skies of Earth’s last night!  But vampire-slayer Blade has a plan, and his only hope for victory rests with Miles Morales!  But Blade’s mission comes with a cost – one Spider-Man may be unwilling to pay!

Vengeance of the Moon Knight #6
Written by Jed Mackay
Art by Alessandro Cappuccio
"The Midnight Mission Joins The Hunt!" - As the Marvel Universe devolves in panic and fear with the unfolding Blood Hunt, writer Jed MacKay casts his gaze from the events of the main event to this companion tie-in!  With more chaos on their hands than ever before, and no tested leader to show them the way, the Midnight Mission is on their own as they fight like hell to save New York and its people from being completely overrun by vampires!

Venom #34
Written by Al Ewing
Art by Juan Ferreyra
"Lee Price Returns!" - The Captive is loose!  And the vampiric super-foe thirsts for one thing – VENOM!  And the Captive isn’t the only problem – the dead now walk an Earth smothered in eternal night.  Vampires infest New York City, and Lee Price, one-time host to the Venom symbiote, rises from the grave!  And he has unfinished business with his old partner.

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