Publisher Description.  IF IT BLEEDS, IT LEADS!  Following on the announcement of the return of the legendary EC Comics with an all-new line of, never-before-seen titles for summer 2024 (see "Oni to Launch New EC Comics Line") – Oni Press, in partnership with William M. Gaines Agent, Inc., presents the next look ahead at what awaits for the year's most unexpected resurrection with a new, continuing line of incentive variant covers from Eisner Award-nominated and Emmy Award-winning artist Jay Stephens (Dwellings).

Slated to first debut on Epitaphs from the Abyss #1 in July and Cruel Universe #1 in August, Stephens' subset collection of "EC Homage" variant covers will continue into the future with a new distinct piece re-interpreting an all-time classic EC cover image across every new EC release from Oni Press.  In addition to his ongoing work as with the "EC Homage" line of incentive covers, Stephens will also be featured as a writer in several of Oni’s upcoming EC series, including Epitaphs from the Abyss, Cruel Universe, and more yet to be announced.

Oni Press' first two new EC titles – Epitaphs from the Abyss #1 and Cruel Universe #1, a pair of horror and science anthologies in the classic EC mold – will debut in July and August 2024, respectively, before the publisher introduces more series in genres and formats that will expand the scope and scale of the EC publishing line in ways never before attempted.

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