Godzilla Challenger Series
Publisher: UVS Games
Release Date: June 21, 2024
MSRP: $279.92 per display (8 Decks)

Publisher Description: The Godzilla saga is a long and rich one, full of friends and foes of the King of the Monsters.  All the monsters in the Godzilla universe are essential to its incredible story.  We are excited to announce the key art of the two Godzilla Challenger Series that will hit the local game stores on June 21.  Each Challenger Series features two iconic characters.  Godzilla teams up with Mothra while King Ghidorah joins forces with Rodan.  These Challenger Series offers you a ready-made deck that showcases these amazing kaiju characters.

The preview below contains 19 images of an unboxing of each of the Godzilla Challenger Series decks.

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