Rebels Vol. 1: A Well-Regulated Militia TP
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Release Date: May 4, 2016
Price: $24.99
Creator(s): Brian Wood (writer); Andrea Mutti, Matthew Woodson, Ariela Kristantina, Tristan Jones (artists)
Format: 262 pgs., Full-Color, Trade Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-6165-5908-3
Age Rating: 14+
ICv2 Rating: 4 Stars out of 5

Most of this book consists of one long story, one which starts well before the American Revolution, but which is connected to it in many ways. The central character, Seth, has a speech impediment which shapes both his life and the story. At a young age, he joins his father and neighbors in armed resistance against what they feel are abuses by the English authorities in New York, after a dispute between the colonies of New Hampshire and New York. Basically, both colonies sold people the same land. This dispute was the true origin of Ethan Allen’s Green Mountain Boys of Revolutionary War fame, and this story puts that into a different historical perspective.

In addition, Seth and his family give the reader a personal connection to the historical events, one that would otherwise be distant in both time and issues involved. Unfortunately, the organization of the main story and of the book jumps around just enough that it is sometimes difficult to maintain that connection. For example, chapters 2 through 6 are not in chronological order, and are mostly disconnected from each other. Chapters 4 and 5 showcase the complexity of issues of African American and Native American situations before and during the American Revolution. Loyalty to the English government, as opposed to the American one, was problematic for many, and this is handled well.

Thus, four stars for the separate stories well told, but no more than that because of the disjointed sequence and digressions. Well worth reading for teens and adults.

--Nick Smith: Library Technician, Community Services, for the Pasadena Public Library in California.