SponsoredDoodle Dungeon takes the standard adventuring in a dungeon trope and flips it around.  Now the players are the ones defending themselves from hoards of heroes who attack their favorite minions, ruin all their expensive home security systems, and loot all their treasure.  Luckily, the game has plenty of ways to do just that.

Players draft cards to build dungeon walls and outfit their lair with monsters, traps, and treasure.  They draw all these on the dungeon sheets using stencils that come with the game, or freehand for those wanting to make their sheet a true work of diabolical art!  Some cards can upgrade your dungeon accessories to make monsters stronger, traps deadlier, and treasure worth more.  While increasing the value of your treasure may seem risky, it could pay off big time as the more treasure that remains, the more points you score at the end!

Once done, everyone gives their dungeon sheet to another player, who then traces the path a hero will take through that dungeon.  Then it’s turned back to the original player, and it’s time to see how well each dungeon was designed.

Now everyone uses the cards drafted earlier, as each also includes ways to hinder a hero (which you play on the hero inside your dungeon) or aid them (which you play on heroes in someone else’s dungeon).  This makes the drafting element of the game two-fold, as each player has to decide on the best mix of cards to create their dungeon, effectively defend it, and help heroes elsewhere to survive.

The goal is to keep heroes in your dungeon from escaping alive and with your treasure – or at the least, doing some damage to them and minimizing how much they steal!  At the same time, each player is also trying to help heroes in other dungeons to do the opposite and make off with all the loot they can carry.  Everyone tallies up how many of their monsters survived, how much treasure is still untouched, and how well the hero in their dungeon did to determine the winner.

Every game is a unique experience due to the drafting elements, and each game leaves everyone with fun keepsakes for their hand-drawn dungeon.  Spectacular dungeons that took out a hero before they got half-way through can go up on the wall – as can ones where nothing was left but the curtains after the victorious adventurer made it out with full health.  The wonderful art from John Kovalic, of Dork Tower and Munchkin fame, makes each card as much fun to read as it is to play in the game.

And for a limited time, there is a special promo card pack that adds new monsters and hero aids to Doodle Dungeon – ask your distributor for details or contact Pegasus Spiele at sales@pegasus-web.com for details!

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