Sponsored.  WEBTOON Unscrolled, a new graphic novel imprint, is bringing WEBTOON hits to bookshelves! The first two books, international WEBTOON sensations Tower of God by SIU and True Beauty by Yaongyi, will hit shelves November 2022.

True Beauty (on-sale November 8, 2022), a smash hit webcomic from Korea with 5.5 billion reads globally, follows the story of a high schooler who sees her social standing skyrocket when she masters the art of makeup through online videos.  But will her elite status be short-lived?  How long can she keep her real self a secret?  And what about that cute boy who knows her secret?

The action-packed, fast-paced global sensation Tower of God (on-sale November 22, 2022) is a story of wealth, power, betrayal and revenge.  With over 6.1 billion reads from fans around the world, it follows Twenty-Fifth Bam and as he journeys up a mysterious tower to reunite with his best friend Rachel, even if that means facing his own death.

True Beauty and Tower of God are available November 8 and 22, 2022 respectively, wherever books are sold.

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