Sponsored.  Renegade Game Studios will host their latest virtual convention starting at 3:00 pm PST on their YouTube Channel.  Kicking off the event, Scott Gaeta, President & Publisher of Renegade Game Studios, will be sharing a rundown of all the new games that will be revealed during the weekend.  The live stream will cover all the retail released expected in Q1 and Q2.  Retailers are encouraged to watch the live stream or replay be informed about upcoming new releases.

Other live streams over the weekend will include deep dives into the specific games mentioned during the introduction stream.

Specific Steams including the following:

Friday, February 3:

  • 3:00 pm PST - Introductory Stream with Scott Gaeta and Sara Erickson
  • 4:30 pm PST - Reveals:  Axis & Allies
  • 5:30 pm PST - Reveals: Renegade Originals
  • 6:30 pm PST - Live Art With Dan Mora

Saturday, February 4:

  • 10:00 am PST - Reveals: Power Rangers Tabletop Games
  • 11:00 am PST - Reveals: G.I. JOE Tabletop Games
  • 12:00 am PST - Reveals: Transformers Tabletop Games
  • 1:00 pm PST - Reveals: My Little Pony Tabletop Games
  • 2:30 pm PST - World of Darkness Deep Dive
  • 3:30 pm PST - Behind the Curtain Stream
  • 2:30 pm PST - Mission Critical Painting Stream
  • 2:30 pm PST - Wreckland Run Wrap Up with Ruel

More information about Renegade Con can be found here.