Sponsored.  My Hero Academia CCG is releasing its latest set – League of Villains on March, 3, 2023.  It's time for Villains to take center stage!  This fourth expansion introduces a slew of dastardly evildoers from the anime, with 8 new playable character cards including fan-favorites like Shigaraki and Toga.  This is the first-time players will be able to play as villains like Twice, Spinner, Muscular, Moonfish, and even Mr. Compress!

You can get the Mr. Compress card by attending a Pre-Release event.  The Pre-Release event allows you early access to the expansion.  These events are super casual since the focus is not the competition but a way to check out the new cards.  You will also get a special Pre-Release paper playmat to take home.  It has zones to help you assist your play.  It’s great for new players and everyone gets a promo card.  It’s the only way to get Mr. Compress!  So make sure to join the event.  You can look for a Pre-Release event by using the UniVersus Gaming Network.  Pre-Releases are held from February 24 to March 3.

And don’t forget to preorder a booster box at the event.  Each booster box will come with 2 Quirk Packs.  The Quirk Pack cards are NOT available in the booster pack, so you don’t want to miss out!

My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game Set 4: League of Villains Booster Box - SRP: $110.00.