Sponsored.  Available for all 7 factions currently available in the Conquest universe, including the new City States - our take on the Greek Army.  First Blood Warbands have 3 Squads of 4 highly sculpted miniatures, a dynamic figure of a Brute or from the Cavalry, an Officer to lead the squads, and a Character through which the player leads their Conquest.

Our First Blood is a unique play type that has the fast pace and smaller table size typical of a Skirmish style of game, with the very advanced lore and detailed miniatures that Conquest has become well known for.  This boxed set also comes with a First Blood II Rulebook, along with the bases and stands for each of the figures, assembly guides and a First Blood Path of Conquest brochure all for MSRP of US$69.99.

While this is a perfect Warband to start your First Blood play, these figures are also ready to grow into the Last Argument of Kings mass fantasy battle game as well.

Available April 28 worldwide.  For more information, please reach out to daryl.mckay@para-bellum.com.

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