Sponsored.  Since 2017, Dark Horse has partnered with writer and artist Stephen McCranie (Mal and Chad) to bring his unique space opera webcomic, Space Boy, to print as a graphic novel series.  The print editions now number 16 single volumes, with four Omnibus collections of three volumes each available now, with more to follow.  Currently serialized on Webtoons.com with over 50,000 unique readers, McCranie's Space Boy is a coming-of-age story of a high-school-aged girl who belongs in a different time.

Amy lives on a mining colony in out in deep space, but when her dad loses his job the entire family is forced to move back to Earth.  Amy says goodbye to her best friend Jemmah and climbs into a cryotube where she will spend the next 30 years frozen in a state of suspended animation, hurtling in a rocket toward her new home.  Her life will never be the same, but all she can think about is how when she gets to Earth, Jemmah will have grown up without her.

Praise for Stephen McCranie's Space Boy
"One of the best pieces of sequential art to come out in this or any other format in the past decade." —Entertainment Monthly

"The story excels at mixing these complicated emotions together without getting overly sappy or too stuck in Amy's own mind and this makes it truly one of the most thoughtful examples I've ever seen of a teenaged girl in fiction." —Narrative Investigations