Sponsored.  Sirius Dice is set to launch a groundbreaking product on November 14th – the Black Lotus 54mm Spindown D20.  This unique die is a must-have for Magic: The Gathering enthusiasts.  Made from clear resin with sharp edges, this massive D20 features a 3D replica of the iconic Black Lotus, reproduced from the original 1993 artwork.  While tapping this Black Lotus won't add mana to your mana pool, it will be a stunning piece for tracking life in your Magic battles.

Measuring an impressive 54mm in size, this Spindown D20 towers over a standard 18mm D20.  Its size not only makes a bold statement but also underscores the significance of the Black Lotus card in the Magic: The Gathering universe.  Whether you're using it during a game or displaying it as a collectible, this oversized D20 is sure to grab attention.  You can purchase yours for $59.99.

The Black Lotus Spindown D20 is just the initial release in a series of Sirius Dice products tailored for Magic players and fans, with more scheduled for 2024.

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