Sponsored.  Whether you've been playing from the very beginning, or are a newly-minted fan, there's something for everyone when it comes to Magic: The Gathering.  With thirty years of history, mechanics, and possibilities to explore, it's the perfect time to look back on the world's most popular trading card game with Ultra PRO's newest 30th Anniversary release of tabletop accessories, including this premium holofoil playmat!

Ultra PRO's 30th Anniversary holofoil playmat for Magic: The Gathering features your favorite set release icons from the past 30 years on a shiny holofoil printed material.  Whether you're drafting at home with friends across the kitchen table or commanding your favorite Planeswalkers at the convention hall, playmats are designed to keep tabletops and valuable cards safe from dirt, dust and damage during gameplay.  The added shine and monochromatic set release symbols makes this exclusive playmat a must-have for both long-time players and brand new fans alike.  You can even use it as an oversized mouse pad in your office, so you can always reminisce on your favorite set expansions during those long meetings that make you wish you were opening sealed boosters instead.

30 years of Magic: The Gathering, 30 years of expansion symbols.  It doesn't get more iconic than this!  Check out Ultra PRO's full 30th Anniversary line for Magic: The Gathering now!