Sponsored.  UVS Games had an excellent year in 2023 during which they changed their name, redesigned the look of the UniVersus cards and had their biggest event ever: Pro Hero Nationals in Dallas, Texas.  UniVersus is their signature CCG, featuring classic and fan favorite pop-culture franchises and characters.  Looking ahead to 2024, there are a wide variety of products coming to UniVersus - both booster sets as well as Challenger Series decks.

Here are the various IPs coming to UniVersus in 2024:

Previously announced, Cowboy Bebop: Challenger Series and Trigun Stampede: Challenger Series will be released on January 19th 2024.

Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament boosters will be released on February 23rd and will feature a special release event available to UGN stores.

Critical Role
Two Critical Role Challenger Series will be released on March 21.  First is Vox Machina: Challenger Series, featuring the twins Vex'ahlia and Vax'ildan and their adventures through Exandria during Campaign 1.  The second release, Mighty Nein: Challenger Series, based on Campaign 2 will feature Jester and Nott from the Mighty Nein.  Preorders start right now at your local game store.

My Hero Academia: Girl Power & More
Coming May 17th, the My Hero Academia: Girl Power booster set will feature all your favorite female students, heroes, and villains.  Every character card will have an exclusive, never-before-seen alternative art version.  This release will also feature a prerelease event occurring on May 11. In addition to Girl Power, we will have products featuring My Hero Academia releasing in Q3.

Godzilla, The King of the Monsters, is joining the UniVersus collectible card game.  With two Challenger Series products, these giant and powerful creatures will significantly impact the UniVersus game and players’ collections.   They will be available in your local game stores on June 21.

Attack on Titan
The first set, Attack on Titan: Battle for Humanity, will be released in Q3 2024.  Along with the boosters, a Challenger Series product and Clash Decks will be available. We will release a second Attack on Titan booster set and a Challenger Series product in Q4 2024.  Based on the manga, these releases will bring a fresh look to this popular franchise.  More details will come about these exciting releases, including details of the Prerelease Events for UGN stores.

Sci-Fi IP To Be Announced
Another franchise that will blow everyone’s mind is also being developed for Q4, 2024.

Products Coming to UniVersus in 2024

  • Cowboy Bebop and Trigun Stampede (January 19) - Challenger Series
  • Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament (February 23) - Booster Set
  • Critical Role's Vox Machina & Mighty Nein (March 21) - Challenger Series
  • My Hero Academia: Girl Power (May 17) - Booster Set
  • Godzilla (June 21) - Challenger Series
  • My Hero Academia (Q3) - products to be determined
  • Attack on Titan: Battle for Humanity (Q3) - Booster Set & Challenger Series
  • Attack on Titan (Q4) - Booster Set & Challenger Series
  • Sci-Fi IP To Be Announced (Q4) - Challenger Series

UVS Games will continue to make announcements on the details of these products in the coming months.  You can find information about releases, their UGN play program and more on their website UVSGames.com.