Sponsored.  Ultimate Guard, renowned for its premium gaming deck boxes, Katana sleeves, and accessories, has exciting news for TCG players and pop culture aficionados alike.  Squaroes, the newest sub-brand from Ultimate Guard, is set to make waves with its second release inspired by iconic pizza-loving mutant vigilantes – the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Squaroes are more than just deck boxes; they embody the ultimate collectible items that merge the thrill of gaming with beloved pop culture franchises.  Modeled after Ultimate Guard’s popular Boulder 100+ deck box, Squaroes ensures top-notch quality and functionality, now crafted from 78% renewable resources, enabling fans to indulge in their fandoms more sustainably.  Squaroes stand out with their edgy and bold designs, serving as playful and witty pop culture alter egos that uniquely express the personalities of their characters.

Each Squaroes release focuses on a single pop culture franchise, offering a variety of products including a rare, limited chase deck box and a uniquely themed Collector’s Case. Modeled after the Ultimate Guard Arkhive 800+, the Collector's Case, along with both Squaroes deck boxes and other Ultimate Guard models, can accommodate up to eight units thanks to their modular designs, appealing to serious gamers and collectors alike.

The upcoming TMNT-themed Squaroes are poised to tap into the nostalgia and excitement surrounding these beloved characters, promising to be a must-have for fans of the urban crime-fighting teenagers.  The lineup will feature iconic characters that every fan will recognize, each bringing their unique charm and personality to the collectible line.  But the excitement doesn't stop there.  Anticipation is further heightened by an upcoming release centered around a franchise renowned for its sharp satire and comedic writing promising to add an extra layer of intrigue and buzz to the Squaroes line.

Ultimate Guard's Squaroes not only elevate gaming sessions but also allow enthusiasts to flaunt their pop culture passions sustainably and stylishly.  With the TMNT release next and the satirical comedy franchise to follow, the Squaroes collection is set to captivate an even broader audience, extending its appeal across diverse fandoms.  Keep an eye out as Ultimate Guard's new sub-brand Squaroes continues to embrace popular culture, enhancing the gaming experience and bringing quality collectibles to fans everywhere.